Local Tips

It's 7am, are you hungry?

If you’re hungry and it’s early, Burgers & Gyros on Moraine Avenue is the place to go. Now open at 7am, you’ll find handcrafted burgers and authentically delicious Gyros featuring homemade tzatziki sauce.


You're invited to the Annual Sister Cities Dinner!

I am excited to host this year’s Sister Cities Dinner honoring the relationship between Estes Park and Monteverde, Costa Rica. I have been involved with this organization for many years and have enjoyed several visits to Costa Rica. The significance of the philosophy of sharing cultural experiences has never been more important to our small planet than it is now; an idea not lost as we complete our documentary, Nature of the Beasts. My involvements with the people of Costa Rica have had a profound effect on my passion for the ultimate connection between art and science in a world where national parks become a place where we all come together. We are so lucky to have an International National Parks Agreement with our Costa Rican partners.

N Nick Molle

The story of Isabella Bird and Rocky Mountain Jim

One of Nick’s favorite restaurants in Estes Park is Bird & Jim, but did you know the story behind the name Bird & Jim? In this clip from our TV Series. “This is Estes Park! with Amber Browning-Coyle” , Nick shares the fascinating story of Isabella Bird and Rocky Mountain Jim!

N Nick Molle