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Eve of Estes

In this clip from our film, The Living Dream, Nick takes us back to the year 1917 and tells us about an elaborate publicity stunt in Rocky Mountain National Park involving a woman dressed in animal skin supposedly returning to nature. This is the story of the Eve of Estes. Watch the complete film on our Roku Channel! https://channelstore.roku.com/details/135726/rocky-mountain-channel

N Nick Molle

The Estes Park Museum Re-Opens!

The Estes Park Museum recently re-opened after completing an interior remodel project. The remodel project also included a new welcome film, titled Destination Estes Park, that we produced. Stop by and see the new film and changes to the museum! The Museum will be open Wednesday through Saturday, 10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m., year round.

S Sean

Are You a Big "Old West" History Buff?

If you are fascinated by history, and in particular, the history of the "Old West", one of the most thrilling places to visit in the Rockies is the Estes Park Historical Museum.


Moments in History - Mission 66

In 1956 during the prosperous times after World War II, President Dwight D. Eisenhower implemented a plan to upgrade all of the National Parks. For Rocky, this ten year plan called Mission 66 meant new visitor centers including the Frank Lloyd Wright inspired Beaver Meadows Visitors Center and Park Headquarters.

N Nick Molle

Moments in History - Enos Mills

“It took Enos Mills six years to get congress to vote on a bill to establish Rocky Mountain National. It was a very arduous and difficult process, and through it all you had Mills with the power of his argument. He was absolutely committed to the ideal they were arguing for.” James H. Pickering – Historian Laureate

S Sean

Happy Birthday Rocky!

January 26 marks the day that Rocky Mountain National Park was signed in as a National Park 104 years ago. Take a step back in time as Nick Mollé shares the story of Rocky Mountain National Park's 1915 dedication ceremony in this episode of "Moments in History". Brought to you by Nick Mollé Productions, EPTV Channel 8 and Rocky Mountain Gateway.

N Nick Molle

The story of Isabella Bird and Rocky Mountain Jim

One of Nick’s favorite restaurants in Estes Park is Bird & Jim, but did you know the story behind the name Bird & Jim? In this clip from our TV Series. “This is Estes Park! with Amber Browning-Coyle” , Nick shares the fascinating story of Isabella Bird and Rocky Mountain Jim!

N Nick Molle