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Mills Lake

Bear Lake Rd Estes Park Larimer County

Roundtrip Length - 5.3 Miles

"The very popular trek to Mills Lake is well worth the slightly more than moderate effort. As with most hikes, an early or late in the day departure will reduce the number of albeit friendly hikers you meet on the trail (almost everyone on a trail is friendly). Don’t leave too late however, unless you are prepared for darkness as time can get away from you on this scenic and rewarding trip through pines, aspens, and wildflowers. Alberta Falls is a popular stop on the way. Enjoy the lake named after the father of Rocky, Enos Mills. Tread lightly, staying on the trails as heavy traffic is damaging to the sensitive shoreline. During the warm months, you may see some folks sitting somewhere that needed a swim to get there. Don’t let them tell you the water isn’t cold. If time and energy allow continue on the more strenuous amazing journey to Black Lake also featured in this app."  Nick Mollé

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