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Lily Lake

Lily Lake Trail Estes Park Larimer County

Roundtrip Length - .8 Miles

"Lily Lake is an absolute treasure. It is a virtual and exquisite classroom of wildlife biology at whatever level you wish to study. Perfectly accessible for just about anyone, just off the highway with plenty of parking across the road. In the warmer months, ducks and geese are everywhere and in all varieties. Watch the baby diving ducks learn their skills. Muskrats have expanded their population to profound numbers and hopefully beavers are making a comeback. The short hike around the lake connects to a couple of side trails and all trails have a potential for sighting an impressive Moose. Listen for the call of one of my favorite birds, the striking Red Winged Blackbird. Stare into the water and you might see the amphibious Tiger Salamander in a rare form believed to never leave the lake."  Nick MollĂ©

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